Kowhai is an Interior Designing service and consultancy firm offering innovative home & office interior solutions. Our mission is to provide design and consultancy service that go beyond standard practice. We are a creative, energetic set of skilled team based in Mumbai.

If you’re looking for something fresh and unique for your home or office, Kowhai is your go-to resource for vintage and contemporary objects curated from an international array of high profile galleries, shops, editors, artisans, and designers.

We are well equipped and experienced in the management and realisation of projects from planning to handing of the keys. We consider no project as being small. Kowhai is dedicated to crafting unique and responsive spaces that go above and beyond the standard building experience.

We operate with a spirit of curiosity through craft and exploration. Our observations become the basis for our actions. We employ a collaborative process to provide creative solutions to our client’s specific circumstances. Ultimately, we craft places that live in memory based on the sculpting of light, surface, material and space.

Quality is the ultimate measure of value.

Design Excellence – We believe in the extraordinary power of design to influence the quality of life.

We stake our reputation and base our relationships on honesty, trust, respect and financial integrity. We desire clients who believe in the same.

We challenge the status quo in order to access improved processes and technologies. We explore methods both old and new to yield experientially innovative spaces.

We take time to listen. We iterate in a co-creative process with clients, consultants and contractors.

Environmental Stewardship
We lead by example, providing clients with projects that are sustainable and responsible. We believe in taking actions as designers to minimize the human impact on the world.

We transcend the power of design through teaching, mentorship, and community involvement.

Our Editorial
Our passion for extraordinary design has grown out of years of experience—and we aim to share this passion with you. We joyously bring you a rich diversity of stories about the people, places, and things that shape the design conversation with the goal of fostering community and connoisseurship.